XXX Banker

We provide adult businesses with a merchant account to accept credit cards, online payments, and process high risk payments.

The adult industry, adult entertainment and adult products, are in a tumultuous mix of fast cash and pending lawsuits. In this fast-paced digital age, your adult business needs stability, experience and the right solutions to help you stay on top.

Grow your business using our payment processing solutions for all of your non-cash transactions.

We understand that your payment acceptance needs vary according to your business size and industry. Our company, established in 1994, has been providing services for the entire adult industy for nearly two decades.

We specialize in online credit card payment processing for high risk businesses.


What Best Describes You?


If you are a high-risk merchant you need a payment processor you can trust. Working with a variety of banks on three continents, we are able to secure an account for your small or large adult business. We provide a full range of value-added benefits that can be customized to most closely fit the needs of your unique business.

Find out how xxxbanker can set you up with your own xxxmerchantaccount today and Maximize Your Profits.