How long does it take to approve a merchant account?

For domestic accounts, most merchant accounts are approved within 72 hours from receipt of a completed application. You can be processing transactions in less than 8 business days. Offshore accounts take longer. Time depends on the specific bank, some are quicker than others.  You can expect it to take 3 – 4 weeks to obtain an offshore account.

How soon will I receive my revenue?

Domestically, as soon as 48 hours after a sale is complete. Most offshore accounts, pay weekly and you are one week behind.

Which cards brands can I accept?

Most major cards, depends on specific industry code.

Can I see the system in operation?

Yes. If you are the merchant and want to view the system, go to Our Demo this will give you a demo for our credit and debit program.

How can you help me prevent fraud?

More often that not, a review of your procedures and practices can reduce your chargebacks as much as 50%. After best practices are established, then the electronic help begins.

Can I accept personal checks on line?

Yes, this is a seperate program for credit card processing. Debit processing can be integrated seamlessly.

Can I accept checks and not accept credit cards?


What is the procedure to accept credit cards and checks on line?
  •  Complete our Contact Form, send us an email or call us directly at 1.888.5.Banker (888.522.6537).
  •  Within 48 hours after we received your information, we will personally contact you to discuss your business needs and propose a variety of services that can help advance your business in the direction you want it to grow?
  • After we agree on a schedule of services and fees; we will email the paperwork to you.
  • After you complete and approve the paperwork, just fax it
  • As soon as you are approved, we will have our technical department contact you for integration
  • Its that easy!
Can I use your bank and not your Internet Gateway Provider?


Can I use your Internet Gateway Provider and not use your bank?


Are there restricted industries?

A few.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1994 and specializing in the adult entertainment and products industry since 1996.

I have poor credit; will I be able to open an account?

Probably not.

Will I be lost in voice mail hell or will I have a long-term agent to call and get help?

In the last nine (9) years, it has been our experience that successful merchants continue to have many questions beyond the time we first discuss their merchant account. Our staff is happy to promptly answer, follow through and solve many issues that merchants encounter. It could be as simple as a change in their checking account, address, or a need of free supplies. Even if you want to open another business, you have only one number to call – 888.5.Banker (888.522.6537)

Does the XXXBanker.com have the lowest rate? 

One of the lessons we’ve learned over recent years is that people look for three things when they make purchases. They look for the finest quality, the best service and the lowest rate. We’ve also found that no company can offer all three. They can’t offer the finest quality, the best service and the lowest rate. We need to know, for your long-term happiness, which one of the three would you be most willing to give up? The finest quality? Excellent service? Or, the lowest rate?