PCI Compliance

XXX Banker Helps you to Become PCI Compliant

We have arranged for SecurityMetrics®, approved by the PCI Security Standards Council as a qualified assessor and an approved scan vendor, to provide you with its Site Certification service. SecurityMetrics will assist you in becoming compliant regardless of the method you use to process.

What Is PCI DSS?—Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

To help guard against fraud, card companies have established the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards Council and the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS), which establishes and enforces security requirements
for members, merchants and service providers. One of the most significant PCI DSS requirements is that merchants may not store magnetic-stripe data after an authorization is obtained on a credit card. So magnetic-stripe data must be purged from your records, and from any system you use, after authorization.

If your business fails to comply with PCI DSS, you risk substantial fines—and even risk losing your ability to process credit card payments.

Q. Why is PCI compliance required?

A. In 2005, the payment card networks established a common set of industry requirements designed to help with the safe handling of sensitive payment card
account information. These requirements are known as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DDS). These PCI security requirements have been phased in over time and now apply to all merchants that accept Visa, MasterCard and other payment cards.

Q. What documentation is needed to become PCI compliant?

A. You will need to complete the appropriate self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and you may also need to complete a quarterly external network scan. SecurityMetrics will help you determine what is required for your business.

Q. When does my business need to become PCI compliant?

A. Your business is at risk at anytime when you are not PCI compliant. It is best to become compliant now and protect your business.

Q. What if my business fails to become PCI compliant?

A. The Card Associations are very serious about data security. Security breaches have affected merchants of all sizes. If your business is compromised, the Association fines can range up to $500,000 per Association. These fines are in addition to other liabilities your business may face in connection with a security breach.

Q. Is my business required to use SecurityMetrics to become PCI compliant?

A. No, there are other options available to you. Please visit any of the following Web sites for additional information.
PCI Standards Council

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